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Angeline Wehmeyer

Angeline Wehmeyer is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and author of the award-winning book “Cracking the Rich Code”. An entrepreneur at heart, she has explored many business ventures over the past decade and experienced highs and lows when it comes to success. Today, Angeline is most passionate about educating clients on the power of investing using easy to understand wealth principles through her courses and individual mentoring.

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Rob Zweerman

Rob Zweerman is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach, branding expert and passionate investor in people and businesses. Through Rob’s Wealth Academy Programs, Executive Coaching and Speaker Series Podcast in collaboration with iconic brands, celebrities, and business legends, Rob’s core focus is to help those who truly desire to be great unlock their full potential to build businesses of significance with influential brands and with the financial awareness that builds long-term wealth.

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The Sustnbl Company

Founder Brandon Martinez is an real estate investor, mentor, and community philanthropist who is passionate about helping others build wealth using their core values as a guide. “Brandon created Sustnbl, a mentorship-based investment platform that takes a deep dive into your biggest “whys” behind wanting to be financially free. He then uses those “whys” to build your own personal road map to freedom.”No matter where you are on your financial journey.

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Swag Invest

SwagInvest is a Commercial Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Fund, launched by founders Brad Sumorok and Carl Wehmeyer, both pioneers in the industry of Multi Family real Estate. SwagInvest transforms underperforming multi-family properties into thriving communities and highly profitable real estate investments. There has never been a better time to invest into multifamily as right now. SwagInvest is for accredited investors only and accepts applications to join SwagFund I starting in April, 2021.

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Entrepreneur Wealth Academy

The Entrepreneur Wealth Academy is a course training platform for entrepreneurs teaching essential micro skills taught by world-class entrepreneurs. Learn how to start and grow your business with tried-and-true systems from founders who have actually done it multiple times.These actionable online courses offer the tools, information and training for business builders to continue learning micro skills that will allow you to break through and achieve your next level of success.

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Synaptics Investments

Synaptics Investments is a leading investment firm investing capital on behalf of it’s capital partners and individual investors. Their mission is to create long-term value for the communities they serve while turning underperforming multi-family asset classes into thriving profitable investments. The fundamental value-first approach to investing in select product types and geographic regions across the United States is guided by these principles and designed to support local economies.

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TAAS Investments

TAAS Investments is a Multi-Family Syndication and New Construction Firm striving to provide alfa returns, downside protection for it’s passive investors and tax efficient strategies. TAAS uses a unique process for both ground up construction of Multifamily buildings and acquisition & management of Multifamily Class B and C assets in Texas and Florida. TAAS has an extensive experience of ground up construction of Multifamily buildings including Apartments, Townhomes, Duplexes and 4Plexes.

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Abundant Heart Financial

As a AHF Entrepreneur, you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our mission is to help everyday families get the financial education, protection, and independence they need to pursue their dreams. Our business platform empowers financial services entrepreneurs from all backgrounds fueled by passion and purpose with the tools and training to launch and build a business that has the potential to help change the financial futures of thousands of families for generations to come.

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Abbas Mohamed

Hi, my name is Abbas Mohammed and I have hired hundreds of virtual assistants across a variety of businesses and industries and discovered the perfect formula to scale an “owner dependent” business into a predictably revenue boosting business by hiring virtual assistants and by building time-saving VA systems that remove yourself from the day to day operations.

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Justin Martinez Financial

Justin Martinez joined Brad Sumrok's Personal Mentoring Program in 2015 and quickly accelerated to be a principal in over 2000 units. To date, Justin has personally helped many students and business partners purchase over 1 billion dollars in apartment complexes across many different economic markets nationwide. To date, Justin has gone full-cycle 12 times and has been a principal in over 5500 units in 11 US Markets

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Heather Martinez

Stop overcomplicating your food. Embrace eating better and moving your body. You are a driven and successful woman and now its time for your body to match your brain. Losing weight is NOT hard but the way you are currently approaching it is. You think you need to be perfect, or deprive yourself or that you need strict rules. WRONG!

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Dragon Prosperity

We pool investors' resources to acquire multifamily real estate ... once accessible only to the wealthy. After creating over $2 Billion in market value for my employer ... I walked away ... and now use the gifts God blessed me with ... to help my family and my investor-partners prosper.

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